Trends in kitchen equipment: The Best Equipment to Keep Your Kitchen Up-to-Date

Trends in kitchen equipment

So many kitchen equipment trends, so little time. There’s a dizzying array of new appliances, accessories, and other gizmos to choose from if you’re planning a kitchen renovation or shopping for new appliances. Which ones are worth your attention? What will be important in coming years? How can you avoid being overwhelmed by the number of options? It can be challenging to keep track of everything that’s hitting the market at any given moment.

But there are some broad trends that have been emerging over the past few years and are likely to continue into the future. Here are some of the most important things for you to consider when choosing your next set of kitchen equipment. Each one has the potential to impact how efficiently you use your space, how much energy it uses, and even which features you might want included in your new kitchen design.

Dishwashers are getting smarter

Some new and improved features are worth keeping in mind when you’re shopping for a new dishwasher.

  • Eco-friendly cycles - The best dishwashers on the market will now be equipped with environmentally friendly cycles that fit your specific needs. You can choose between Normal, Heavy, and Light cycles depending on how many dishes you have to clean, and how dirty they are.
  • Multi-stage cycles - Newer dishwashers may be designed with multi-stage cycles in mind, letting you choose between different wash stages depending on your needs. These cycles can be especially helpful if you have kids or have dishes with a lot of food particles on them.
  • Flexible racks - Some dishwashers have a new type of rack that lets you move it around and even fold it up if you don’t need all of the space inside. This can help clean awkward items like plates or bowls that might not fit inside otherwise.

Smaller kitchens mean smaller equipment

As kitchens get smaller thanks to new kitchen designs, that has an impact on the kinds of equipment you’ll be able to use. If you’re going with a smaller refrigerator, for example, you’ll want to take note of the features you may be giving up in terms of capacity and features. Multi-door refrigerators that's mean, some new refrigerators have added a second door that opens on the side and is lower to the ground. This can make it easier to reach items on the bottom shelves, and makes it easier to organize the inside of your fridge so that you can see everything at a glance. Multi-level baskets, new refrigerators also have baskets that you can remove and move around, depending on which items you’re storing. This can make it easier to organize everything in your refrigerator and find the items you need.

Installing a smart oven is a great choice

Smart ovens come with a host of cool features that can make your life easier. They may be able to be controlled with your smartphone or voice assistance via an Echo or Google Home device. They can also help you monitor your energy usage and keep an eye on your food as it cooks, letting you know when it’s ready. Automatic cooking modes, it means Some smart ovens also come with automatic cooking modes that will suggest recipes based on your ingredients, then cook them for you. You can even use your smartphone to add ingredients and set the cooking time. Newer smart ovens may also be equipped with cooking guides to help you learn how to use them more efficiently. You can find guides online, but some new ovens also come with built-in instructions that you can view right from your device.