Who Needs Warranty and Return Policy? Find Out If You Do!

Warranty and Return Policy

Kitchenware store products are guaranteed not to be defective due to materials or workmanship for 60 days from the date of purchase. Instructions on how to properly use those products are included in the "Care and Handling". Remember You will have a limited 60 days warranty for replacements and/or repairs as long as your items need it.

Return Policy:

  1. The customer must provide an original receipt to be eligible for return (no photocopy)
  2. The product must be sent back in a package that prevents it from being damaged
  3. Returns must be postmarked within the warranty period and sent back within 60 days after product purchase.

If the original products cannot be replaced, a comparable product replacement will be made of equal value.Warranty replacement items will be subject to shipping and handling charges.All shipping and handling must be paid in full before we process your request.

The only provisions that are granted on defective items is our policy of one free replacement within 60 days of purchase. Products must be return shipped back producent address.